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About Creating With Pine Needles

The beautiful thing about pine needle crafting is its creative potential. The articles one can make using pine needles, raffia and wire are many and useful.

The materials necessary are easy to come by, and this is one of the least expensive crafts to be found. Long leaf pine is to be found, free for collecting, all over the Southeastern United States. Raffia and wire forms can be found in many craft shops.

In my many years of teaching this craft for the adult education classes of Daytona Beach Community College, Mary Behrman has found that many of her students have turned this hobby into a source of extra income. Pine Needle Handbag and Bracelet by Mary Behrman

This book contains instructions and drawings for baskets, jewelry, trivets, napkin holders, purses, and more. The tenerife patterns and instructions on the stringing of a star alone are worth the price of this book.

These instructions are for the experienced worker. For the beginner, Book #1 pine needle Craft by Veronica Walsh, published by Do-Do sales of Seffner, Florida, is recommended.

It is Mary Behrman's hope that this book will give you many happy hours of creative activity and personal satisfaction!

To Order

Please send your Name, Address, City, State and Zip along with $6.00
(Please send a check or money order - do not send cash) to:

Mary A. Behrman
P.O. Box 3552
DeLand, FL 32721

for email about baskets, contact Mary Berhman

Once received, your book will be shipped immediately.

wire art frame for pine needle basket Information about wireart frames is separate.

About Mary Behrman

Mary Behrman has been teaching pine needle craft in her own studio, and the Daytona Beach Community College Adult Education Program (DBCC), for over 16 years.

She learned this craft beginning over 60 years ago, in 1940, with a class at City Island, Daytona Beach, Florida. She continued to accumulate skills and techniques throughout the 1960's by studying with Veronica Walsh, well-known author of The Book of Pine Needle Craft.

Mary is a product of New England and attended the State Teachers College at Hyannis, Massachusetts for her advanced education. She has been involved with various crafts over a period of many years and with the teaching of pine needle craft for over twenty five years.

Read more about Mary Behrman, and see many of her beautiful baskets, in The Pine Needle Group Gallery Feature, The Pine Needle Duo

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